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Turning Europe into a fair data economy trailblazer

Between 2018 and 2021, Sitra developed a fair data economy model with its IHAN project. The project laid a foundation for a fair data economy, in which successful digital services are based on trust and create value for everyone.

One of the key results of the IHAN project is the Rulebook for a Fair Data Economy that is an open template for building data ecosystems. 1001 Lakes has coordinated the initiative on the rulebook. There has been plenty of interest in the Fair Data Economy rulebook model, and it has been taken up by several ecosystems and use cases across domains.

Recently, International Data Spaces Association recognised the Sitra Fair Data Economy rulebook as a template that use cases that use IDS reference architecture model should consider as the model to agree on business, technical, ethical and legal aspects of the data sharing network.

1001 Lakes is fully committed to support and further develop the rulebook model in the future, beyond the IHAN project. If you are interested in collaborating around the rulebook, get in touch with us.