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  • EU Data Strategy has a strong focus on data sharing
    European Commission presented its EU Data and AI strategy. It proposes fair and human-centric approach for data economy. Initiatives originating from Finland, such as MyData are Fair Data Economy rulebooks are very well positioned to contribute to the implementation of this strategy. Highlight of the proposal is the High Impact Project on European data spaces…
  • Rulebook launch event recording available
    Big thanks to everyone who participated in the fair data economy rulebook launch at Sitra! You can see the recording of the event here.
  • Fair data economy rulebook launch event
    “Fair data economy rulebook – first experiences and next steps” event will be held at Sitra in Helsinki, Finland on Feb 11 afternoon. We at 1001 Lakes are coordinating the rulebook activity and will be presenting the rulebook and its use cases at the event. Read more and register to join at The event…
  • 1001 Lakes celebrated its 0001 birthday
    We celebrated our 1st birthday on 10.01.2020 and we like to thank all you wonderful people for joining us. See the video of 1001 Lakes rocking. We are looking for new band members!
  • Sitra IHAN open rulebook for data networks – beta release
    First beta version of the rulebook templates was released on Dec 3, 2019.  This living document is a collaborative effort by top experts in Finland to provide an open template for fair data sharing. It is work in progress and all feedback is very much welcome. 1001 Lakes is coordinating this effort.