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Marko Turpeinen

CEO Marko Turpeinen

Dr. Marko Turpeinen has over 25 years of experience as business visionary and international education and innovation leader in digital transformation of industries and network society. Among others, Marko has worked at MIT Media Lab, led EIT Digital in Finland, steered digital innovation at Alma Media, and initiated the MyData global movement at Aalto.

Sami Jokela

CTO Sami Jokela

Dr. Sami Jokela has over 20 years of experience in data, technology, and strategy in Finland, Europe, and USA. Sami has led Nokia’s technology strategy, co-founded five startups, acted as the CTO for Accenture Technology Solutions in the Nordics, and led Accenture’s Information Insight practice in Silicon Valley.


Petri Malmelin

Co-Founder Petri Malmelin

Petri Malmelin has over 20 years of experience in planning and leading global programs and business transformations, including cases like Nokia-AlcatelLucent and KONE. Petri is an expert in data driven transformations. Petri is an entrepreneur, co-founder of AI Monday and an active public speaker.

Co-Founder Teemu Toroi

Teemu Toroi  has over 20 years of high technology and business transformation experience, including serving as the operative leader of Nokia’s transformation. He has built a new business line based on data and AI for a stock-listed company and is currently serving customers in high technology, entertainment and ICT services in their digital transformation journeys.

Olli Pitkänen

CLO Olli Pitkänen

Dr. Olli Pitkänen has a long career in ICT and law. He has led multidisciplinary projects focusing in ICT, legal, and societal issues. Olli has founded an IT law firm and acted as an expert and board member for companies and for the Finnish government, focusing on legal aspects of ICT, IPRs, privacy and data.

Udo Bub

Co-founder Udo Bub

Dr. Udo Bub has over 20 years of experience in ICT R&D, education and innovation leadership in Germany, Europe, and US. Udo was a co-founder of Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, led EIT Digital in Germany and worked extensively with Carnegie Mellon University as well as with Siemens AG.

Senior Data Strategist Viivi Lähteenoja

Viivi Lähteenoja a data strategy, policy, and ethics professional and researcher. She has experience working with especially personal data benefits for people, organisations, and societies in nonprofit, academic, public sector, and private sector organisations.