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The story of 1001 Lakes

Our mission

Creating value for people and businesses in a fair and human-centric data economy

Our company

We believe that data is as critical to modern businesses as water is to life. Without water, there is no life, and with sufficient water supply rich ecosystems can flourish. Water is precious – don’t waste it – don’t spoil it.

Modern, data-driven organizations, products and partnerships require a solid and thought-through foundation that has a grounding on solid business logic, well-designed legal framework that secures the interest of relevant stakeholders, and a fit-for-purpose technological solution that enables timely availability of relevant data with good-enough quality.

We exist to make data available and valuable for you, your organization and your partners. Without data – there are no facts. Without data – there is no AI.

Ethical principles

Our company is dedicated to creating a more prosperous society through our unwavering commitment to integrity, compliance, responsible partnerships, and the well-being and diversity of our employees. Furthermore, we actively engage in and lend our expertise to national and international forums to foster a data-driven economy that prioritizes human-centricity and fairness.

Integrity and compliance


We treat others honestly and fairly.


We comply with applicable legislation and pay statutory taxes.


We operate as openly as possible within the scope of our legal obligations and business and operational considerations.


We respect others' rights to business secrets, confidentiality, and privacy.


We do not endanger our stakeholders' reputation by engaging in unethical activity.

Responsible partnerships


We evaluate ethical risks associated with our partnerships.

Employee well-being and diversity


We value and promote employees' freedom and work-life balance.


We are committed to creating an equal and inclusive working environment.

Our team

Get to know our knowledgeable and capable people.

Marko Turpeinen

Dr. Marko Turpeinen is a visionary leader with 25+ years of experience in digital transformation and innovation, having worked at prestigious institutions like MIT Media Lab and EIT Digital, and initiating the global MyData movement at Aalto University.

Sami Jokela


Dr. Sami Jokela is a seasoned leader with 20+ years of experience in data, technology, and strategy, including roles at Nokia, co-founding startups, and leading Accenture’s technology and information insight practices.

Olli Pitkänen


Dr. Olli Pitkänen is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in ICT and law, leading multidisciplinary projects and providing expertise in legal aspects of ICT, IPRs, privacy, and data as a founder of an IT law firm and advisor to companies and the Finnish government.

Udo Bub

Chief Product & Strategy Officer

Dr. Udo Bub has been a driver of digital innovation for 25+ years, especially in AI, Data, and Cloud businesses. He was co-founder and senior executive of high impact organizations such as Deutsche Telekom Laboratories and EIT Digital. He is the founding Director of the IAI institute at the University of Budapest (ELTE)  where he also holds a professorship of information systems and AI. Previously he graduated from / worked at TU Munich and Carnegie Mellon University.

Viivi Lähteenoja

Senior Data Strategist

Viivi Lähteenoja is a data strategy, policy, and ethics professional and researcher with a focus on leveraging personal data benefits for individuals, organizations, and societies across nonprofit, academic, public sector, and private sector organizations.

Emeline Banzuzi

Privacy & Data Governance Counsel

Emeline Banzuzi serves as a legal counsel and researcher specializing in the dynamic field of law, technology, and society, with expertise in data protection consulting, risk management, compliance within FinTech, and academic research.

Joel Himanen

Data Scientist

Joel Himanen is a versatile data scientist with a strong emphasis on advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, having prior experience in data-driven sustainability projects in both the private and public sectors.

Nora Elstelä

Service Designer

Nora Elstelä is a designer with a systems-thinking approach, adept at facilitating the process for seamless, user-centric experiences. Leveraging data to drive sustainable outcomes, her expertise lies in optimizing service ecosystems and fostering innovative solutions across various industries.

Waltter Roslin


Waltter is a lawyer focusing on questions concerning data sharing, governance, privacy and technology. He is also a PhD researcher at the University of Helsinki where his research focuses on the Finnish pharmaceutical reimbursement scheme.

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